Saturday, August 19, 2006

Attic Treasures #4

With Barbie out of town for the weekend,
Malibu Ken went on the down low.
"Bro," he said, "I'm on the Down Low."
"Dude," I said, "You're white. You can't be on the Down Low!"
"Bro," he said. "All kinds of white people are saying they're on the Down Low now."
"That's ridiculous," I protested. "Why don't you just say you're in the closet?"
"Because the closet sounds stupid," he said.


Love4CG said...

its so sad that see this after driving around with my girlfreind all day her blasting Aqua -Im a barbie girl. annoying toys.


Life in plastic, it's fantastic... or so the song goes.

Vive42 said...

ewwww. its 2 BOY dolls playing footsie and holding hands and stuff. i really should report this blog for disgusting pornographic content.

oss said...

Hehe. That pic is sooo 70's. :)


Vive42: Don't fret, this is as risqué as it gets. Turns out that Malibu Ken and friend are not very well equipped.

Oss: Yep, scary that this was once haute fashion, no? Although guys in polyester leisure suits... Now that's hot!

Mulysa said...

i burst out laughing even before i read your post!

your killing me!

ah, i needed a good laugh...


Mulysa: Yep, there have been rumors about Ken's sexuality for years - now confirmed. ;)