Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bargain Real Estate

For Sale
American-style home
A real bargain at $11,657

Located in a new Las Vegas development
This Las Vegas...

If still interested: Salazar Romero


Michael C said...

Sign me up. A Las Vegas on the coast? Affordable housing? I've hit the to speak ;-)

John H said...

my wife wants to move down to costa rico in a few years and live on the beach..maybe we should consider Guatamaula instead..i maybe could afford THIS house


Yes, I'm thinking of heading south myself. I'm not sure I like the bright orange exterior, but at that price I might be able to afford to repaint.

Jill said...

I actually might be in the area.
Stuff is so cheap down here that I always have get rich quick schemes going on in my head. I can see myself as a real estate mogul..


jill: You just might be in luck! I remember there was a 'help wanted' section of the website. The requirements are rather specific, though. Quals for some jobs say males only, and there are age requirements, too.