Thursday, August 10, 2006

Love That Chicken from Popeye’s

Why is there only one Popeye’s in the whole state of Massachusetts?

Population: 6,349,097
Popeye’s: 1

Population: 5,296,486
Popeye’s: >200 (too many to count!)

Population: 493,782
Popeye’s: 3

Boston, MA

Population: 559,034
Popeye’s in city: 0
Popeye’s in metro area: 1

Denver, CO
Population: 557,917
Popeye’s in city: 5
Popeye’s in metro area: 20

Washington, DC

Population: 550,521
Popeye’s in city: 12
Popeye’s in metro area: 110 (!)


Jill said...

My city has three and we are in Central America!


See, that's what I'm talking about. It makes no sense that MA has only 1! That said, I am considering moving to Central America. :)

TotallyDisgusted said...

so you think your ex was my ex's evil twin?? Did he have a diaper fetish too? Oh lord...if there's more guys like that out there wandering around, god help us women!


Hey, you’re back! I tried to visit your blog to get the next installment of your epic tale, but it was down at that time. I thought, oh noooo... Eliar’s twisted her arm so far she’s gone back to him. That happened to me (over and over) until I realized that losers can apologize more easily than they can change. And no, mine didn’t have a diaper fetish (Yuck!), but he did have several of the other charming qualities you describe. Ugh!

Kitlat said...

People in MA, especially the Greater Boston area, need to let Popeye's know that they can thrive here.

We need to write corporate and let them know that we want popeye's!


Good idea.

We want Popeye's!
We want Popeye's!
We want Popeye's!

It's pretty sad when you have to have request equal access to fast food. ;)