Monday, August 21, 2006

No Experience Necessary

I am bored with my job and want to try something completely different. I’m thinking maybe this:

The ad states 'no experience necessary.' Hopefully I will not be deemed overqualified if I note my unique qualifications for the job on my application:

  • When I was seven I was a rabbit for Halloween and the whole ears and fluffy tail thing really suited me.
  • I am on a first-name basis with numerous playmates of the month, thanks to my dad’s not-so-well-hidden stash of Playboys. (Both of us looked at them only for the articles, of course.)

It is not clear what role physical attributes play in the hiring process, as the ad is entirely mute on this point. I figure my chances are pretty good, though, because:

  • My boobs are bigger than those of the chick in the black bikini [below, left] and she’s applying to be a bunny. (Um, that's a chick, right?)
  • All that’s standing between my boobs and those of the chick in the pink shirt [below, right] is a little plastic surgery and she’s applying to be a bunny. (Plus I would never put on such a sour-puss face if I were at a Playboy party.)
- - Las Vegas Nightlife

So...See you in Vegas!


Nina said...

I wanna be a playboy bunny! I would be happy, happy, happy!

Only I would have to get a boob job and that's the problem. I'm all for plastic surgery, but my fear would be walking in and saying I want one thing done then being marked from head to toe with a purple marker, highlighting everything wrong with me.

That thought is so depressing.


I think I need to stay away from the purple marker, too! :)