Friday, August 11, 2006

Religious Intolerance

..Support your right to believe in the higher power of your choosing.
...Sanction your observances that do not infringe on other’s rights.
....Respect your desire to share your message if recipients are willing.
.....Thank your religious group for its efforts to aid the less fortunate
......Appreciate that your faith provides comfort to its adherents.
.......Enjoy the music, art and architecture your faith has created.
........Take interest in having a general idea of your belief system.
.........Hope we can be friends.

..........Accept that I choose not to adhere to the tenets of your faith.


Kitlat said...

Well said!

Vive42 said...

i like! how about, to add to please:
...ask about my beliefs rather than just telling me yours.

ah but i was raised UU, most people weren't. so I try hard to even be tolerant of others' intolerance


Thanks guys.

vive42: Good addition. My original idea was to have I and please be the same length. But then it seemed pretty striking to have several under I side and just one under please.

Just D said...

Former Sunday School teacher here who is best friends with a militant athiest. It makes for some interesting conversations, but we're still the best of friends.

Very nice post (and I know I am behind the times, but you only just visited last night).

I like your blog a lot, I hope you don't mind if I link you?


just d: Yep, I don't think different religion needs to preclude friendship at all. Sometimes you can just agree to disagree. :)

Thanks for the link. Really liked your blog, too, and hope you have a great trip.