Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tranji: The Dorktastic Duo

Travis + Benji = Tranji??? I think that’s what they called the two when they teamed up for the hip hop geek routine. Sounds kind of kinky, though.

Watched So You Think You Can Dance tonight (a guilty pleasure), but couldn’t decide who should win! I never call in to vote myself. I just relay my vote via ESP to people who are actually lame enough to spend two hours trying to get though on the call-in numbers.

Tough choice, but I sent my telepathic messages for Benji. Damn if that guy can’t move in all the right places. My prediction is that the winner will be...drum roll, please...Travis. Personally I prefer Benji’s style of dance. When Travis does solos it seems he’s always sweeping up the floor. But he’s clearly talented and people can’t resist his little puppy face when he gets a good critique.

Now we have to wait for a whole week to see who won. Such torture! (Almost as bad as having to put up with Cat Deeley, disco ball get-up and all, during tonight’s show. Who dresses that woman? Or better question, who hired that woman??)

Cat Deeley's Previous Gig

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