Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Beauties of Soccer

Um, did the photographer have a butt fetish?

Apertura Tournament 2006


shadow falcon said...

What happened to thier football kits?
You know Shorts, football socks and a team shirt...

Are you sure this is the cheerleaders?

Michael C said...

If he didn't have a fetish, I ain't breathing air!!

abbagirl74 said...

It's funny, cuz' we all know that the photographer was a guy.

John H said...

I didn't know that Sir Mix-a-lot was into photography!


shadow falcon: It must be a bit hard to play football/soccer in high-heeled boots (like the Corona gals), but maybe that's part of the challenge. ;)

michael c: Indeed, and amazingly I only posted SOME of the butt shots.

abbagirl74: No kidding!

john h: Ha! Haven't heard the 'I like big butts' song in years. I almost forgot about it.

Jill said...

I hear the Big Butts song all the time. Lots of Honduran kids have it as their ring tone.

My friends and I went on a trip with a tour company once and a guy from the company took pictures that entire time. When they were developed we discovered tons of pictures of one of the girls-from behind. She was really flattered.

Anonymous said...

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunck?

I'd give my right elbow for a booty like these!



jill: Yikes, a whole new generation of butt worshipers is being unconsciously programmed by the Big Butts song! And the picture thing - flattering, I guess, but a little freaky too! Keep an eye on that tour guy.

[anonymous] Nina: No kidding! I wonder how many butt crunches are required. I tend to fizzle after 3 or 4. ;)