Thursday, September 14, 2006

Love is Colorblind

From the Bible Action Figures Collection:

This is 'dark-skin' Adam.

This is 'dark-skin' Adam's Eve.

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. ~Proverb 22:6~

So what were they intending to teach here?

  • Dark-skinned women aren't beautiful enough to get a figurine.
  • A black man can't resist a white temptress.
  • Damn white bitches are taking all the good black men.
  • In god's eyes, love is colorblind.
I'm hoping the latter...


Jill said...

Where do you get this stuff?

John H said...

P - I can't help it..i think i now have a bad case of blog-crush on your wonderful brain..

I'm going to have to comment on this in my blog...This is damn wonderful.

What lead you to THIS, my internet-weird-search hero?

Michael C said...

Email me when the Moses Parting Water figure comes out. I've got a leak upstairs.

Seriously, where do you find this great stuff?

Vive42 said...

forget all that socially aware stuff. what on EARTH is she wearing? i mean, seriously. no eve should have to wear such an ugly leaf-and-mud ensemble. puh-lease! i want a "prom queen" eve and a "wedding day" eve. just because she's the only woman in eden is no excuse to look frumpy!

SAM said...

love is not just colorblind in God's eye, but love is unconditional as well.

Hey I like your blog, and thank you for visiting my blog:)


jill (and others who asked): If I reveal all my secrets here in this public forum, then I will have no hope of ever posting anything even semi-original here again! But really there is no secret, other than that I never sleep and I spend far too much time on the Internet. Click, click, click and ye shall find is my motto. Found these little treasures by clicking on an ad banner! I was thinking, hmm, I’ll have to work ‘dark-skin’ Jesus into the ol’ blog someday. But when I noticed that ‘dark-skin’ Eve was not even dark-skinned, I had to get her some blog coverage right away. :)

john h: Uh-oh, I usually try to set low expectations, so then I don't have to work very hard. (Well, that's what I do at my job anyway.) I only hope I can continue amusing you! (See also my response above to jill.)

michael c: They have Moses, too! And you can choose light-skin or dark-skin! (See also my response to jill.)

vive42: Ha! I wonder if Eve could share Barbie's clothes? Looks like she may not have Barbie's stunning hourglass figure, though. She better start cutting out junk food and only eat healthy stuff like apples.

sam: Hi! Thanks and glad you stopped by. :)

Morgen said...

dark-skin Eve looks like she's gonna kick some Adam-ass.
at least she looks healthier than pasty white ho Eve.

and clearly there were no gay men in Eden yet, 'cuz you know some lame straight designer could only be responsible for that dead-mermaid outfit Eve is sportin'.

CP said...

I am runnin' with you and goin' with the latter.




morgen: Too funny! :)

cp: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the latter too.


Island Spice: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :)