Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Treat We Can Call Our Own

Check out what I found at my local Stop & Shop today – Latino Oreos!

If you’re not familiar with dulce de leche, it’s a caramel-like delicacy that has long been popular in many parts of Latin America. Using it as a cookie filling is nothing new. In fact, Dulce de Leche Oreos appear to be a knock-off of cookies called alfajores that are common in Argentina and other countries down that way.

A taste test indicated that the Dulce de Leche Oreos were quite yummy, if a tad bit overly sweet. One weird thing, though; the cookie part of the Dulce de Leche Oreos say ‘Double Stuf,’ even though the cookies are clearly not double stuffed. What’s up with that? Did Nabisco/Kraft just have an overstock of 'Double Stuf' cookies and figure it was no biggie since Latino consumers don't know English, or something?

Because it does seem that these cookies are targeted specifically at the Latino consumer. While there is nary a mention of them on the Oreo website, they are listed as a new product on the ‘Comida Kraft’ (Spanish for Kraft Foods) website. There they are called "a treat we [presumably Latinos] can call our own." So, there you have it; these goodies belong to the Latinos. Hands off, gringos!

Related note: Dulce de Leche Oreos at Stop & Shop: $2.99. Dulce de Leche Oreos on eBay:


Kirsten said...

You stay up way too late blogging too!

I'm currently living in fabulous Sin City, which I think is a suburb of Mexico City. I'm surprised that I have not seen the Dulce de Leche Oreos yet, since pretty much everything else comes in that flavor. We even have Bimbo breads and pastries, which I haven't tried yet because I can't get over the name!

Meloncutter said...

I think that dulce le leche is french words of some kind. Iffin I was to guess it would translate to "douched leeches" in english.

Don't sound real appetizing to me but I have eaten some weird stuff in my day. I may try them one of these days iffin I see them.

Later Yall....

John H said...

I got some of these from a local Mexican grocery store....waaay too sweet for me, but I think they could market them more broadly, lotsa kids eat stuff sweeter than this, unless they are worried about the illegal immigrant backlash going all the way into cookie-ville..

This is becoming the 'go-to' blog for consumer awareness..(c:

Michael C said...

Even if it was made to use up Oreo's extra cookies, ut still looks pretty good!

odat said...

New cookies? and new coffee? all in one day? I'm hungry now!



kirsten: Yes, way, way, too late! We don't have any bimbos here in Massachusetts. Ha! What I mean is I've never seen that bread before. You would think they could have come up with a better name!

meloncutter: I don't know; douched leeches could be tasty. You'll have to use your meloncutter influence to force your store to carry this product.

john h: They have Mexicans in TN?? OMG, alert the authorities!

michael: My now empty package confirms your suspicions; they were good. But really sweet, like john h mentioned.

odat: You bring to mind a terrific idea! I think these cookies would go great with coffee, to sort of cut the sweetness. Now I have to go buy another package of the cookies, so I can try that out.