Monday, October 16, 2006

BraBall vs. BallBra


Number of bras: 18,085
Ball size: 60-inch diameter
Bra size: variable
Creator: US artist Emily Duffy

"Using bras as an art a way of disrupting some of the longstanding taboos surrounding them. Interweaving stained nursing bras with provocative, augmentation bras somehow balances the distorted images of women’s bodies. It reconciles the narrow stereotypes of virgin and whore and fills in the true definitions of women that are missing in between."


Number of bras: 9 (3 styles x 3 colors)
Ball size: variable
Bra size: S, M, L, XL and 'custom'
Creator: anonymous Canadian dude with Croatian connections

"The Ballbra is futuristic and very high tech underwear that can be worn by a man while making love or to intensify masturbation....will produce explosive orgasms."


Nina said...

I suddenly find myself quite curious over a 'custom' size Ballbra.


Thanks for a subject to ponder today. ; )

oss said...

I saw the BraBall in person last year at the American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore. That museum is awsome. You should come down and see it sometime! I love Baltimore. :)

oss said...

Oops, make that earlier THIS year.


Meloncutter said...

crap... now my balls itch again and no place to scratch.

Balls must be the topic of the day.

Later Yall....

Just D said...

She TOTALLY stole that bra ball idea from me. I have had one of those in my underwear drawer for ages.

Ra Ra Ra Bunggio said...

I'm really curious of how you find things like this!

Kevin said...

Mmmmmmm...explosive orgasms! Where do I get one?

Morgen said...

Hmmm, while explosive orgasms sound great, I wonder if this would keep "the boys" under control more than tighty whities...
now, if someone could figure out how to put a slip-in cooling pad in there -- you know, something like the size of a panty shield but full of gel like a gel shoe insole -- then they'd be talking!

Crankster said...

"Will produce explosive orgasms?"

Looks like "if he hiccups, will produce castration."


Nina: Well, you know what they say: Size matters.

OSS: Oh, so it IS there. I saw on the artist's website that she had donated it, but I couldn't find it on the museum's website. Last time I was in Baltimore was maybe 2001, so I am overdue for another visit.

Meloncutter: Uh-oh. An unrequited itch can be a pain in the balls. ;)

Just D: And little did you know that it was art! You should donate your collection to a museum.

Ra Ra Ra Bunggio: How? I spend way too much time on the Internet. The BallBra was a bonus, though. I had seen the BraBall and when I was searching for info on it, BallBra came up. It's great when posts just kind of fall into place like that.

Kevin: Well, I guess you need to get yourself a BallBra. ;)

Morgen: I am sure someone has already created the product you mention and once I find it, I will feature it in an upcoming post.

Crankster: Yikes! Perhaps the product needs a warning label that it should not be used by men prone to hiccups.

Bruce said...

Even in the best of circumstances, the whole "lifts and separates" concept makes me nervous in this context.


Bruce: We women have been lifting and separating for years. It only sounds painful. In reality it's just mildly uncomfortable.

I tried to visit your blog thru your profile, but your profile is set to private. I'll try not to take it personally. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ballbra>? hmm like the name, like the loook, and custom size is where its at with me! Thanks for the post, I just ordered a BALLBRA, not the braball.


Anonymous: Well, do let us all know if the product lives up to expectations, OK? :)

Anonymous said...

7-10 day shipping to America. Let you know near the end of this month! Funny as hell. Thanks for the post. I will definitly send an update on the post for everyone. Maybe a picture ;) that is just a maybe remember that:)

Anonymous said...

think someone asked where to find it or pictures?

everything is on this link !



Anonymous: No fair getting us all excited about pictures and then saying it's only a maybe. We want pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

here is pictures.... pretty funny i must add. I still have not received mine. But a magazine in Toronto has it on.

interesting find. Enjoy! :) here is YOUR PICTURES it seems.

Petit-Q said...

Very comfortable !

But sizes a bit large

Available at

JOCKMAN said...

Love the Ballbra JOCK. Its something you have to try.

Anonymous said...

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