Friday, October 20, 2006

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Before health officials warned the public about bad spinach, before grocers yanked fresh spinach off their shelves, before consumers cleaned out their refrigerators, the Seattle law firm Marler Clark had filed its first bad-spinach lawsuit… Now Marler Clark is representing 76 clients.

Less-severe E. coli cases…are usually worth between $25,000 and $500,000… Those involving hemolytic uremic syndrome…can run from $1 million to [Marler Clark’s] highest HUS settlement of $15.6 million.

Marler Clark typically takes a 25% contingency fee in cases involving children, and 35% in cases involving adults.

~Wall Street Journal, 9/27/2006 via Marler Blog~


Dr. A said...

25K? Ah, that's small potatoes, er, spinach. You know what I mean...

Odat said...

Isn't it nice we live in the land of opportunity?????


Bill Marler said...

Remember, over 200 people were sickened, half hospitalized, 31 developed HUS (see and there were 4 deaths.


Dr. A: Yep, so maybe everyone who ate spinach in September should get 25K just for the mental anguish they siffered over not knowing if they ate tainted spinach or not. ;)

Odat: Indeed. It's all about the $$$ you know! :)

Bill Marler: Thanks for visiting! The whole incident was terrible. And because, from what I've read, you're one of the 'good guy' lawyers who works on the side to promote food safety, I refrained from any editorial that trashed lawyers. However, in general, I think people question why any and every thing that happens these days, even if unintentional, leads to a lawsuit. Does fear of a lawsuit with a huge payout really make us safer or just mostly require companies to shell out $$$ and ultimately cover their butts more carefully? (Example: the stupid warning on coffee cups that says 'the beverage you are about to enjoy is hot.’ Well, duh!)