Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th Is My Lucky Day

Thursday I was feeling some powerful Catholic guilt over not posting anything on my blog. Since I am not even Catholic, it is pretty bad to have Catholic guilt. And over a blog, no less! But I really do try to post something here each and everyday, so I felt practically evil for not doing so yesterday. It’s just that it was Thursday which is my fave TV night and the only night I actually tune in for all of prime time.

First I watched thirty minutes of Ugly Betty,* even though it’s a tad bit lame and over-the-top. Like, we get it, Betty is from Queens. That doesn’t need to mean she completely lacks style. Look at Fran Drescher. She’s from Queens and she’s got the whole style thing going on. But, regardless, I still tuned in to show some love for America Ferrera* because we need more non-Anglo, non-anorexic women like her on TV. During the second half of Betty, though, I had to flip back and forth between that and The Office because The Office makes the people I work with seem almost normal. That was followed by Grey’s Anatomy and ER since I can never cram too many pseudo medical dramas into my day. And finally I topped it off with the evening news, so I could see if we had started any new wars yet.

Oh, but let me tell you, I was totally guilt-ridden as I sat there enjoying my shows since I knew I had absolutely nothing for my blog. I looked around for some funny pics a bit before I went to chill with Betty, but the ones I found didn’t live up to my high standards. (Ha! Like I have standards.) I thought about writing a little something after my TV fest, but I wasn’t feeling it. So I just figured, no biggie. I’ll go to bed at a decent hour for once and assume that my regular readers – all four and a half of them – can live without me for one day.

Little did I know that I was about to be nominated by Julie of Flip This Body for Bestest Blog of the Day on – of all days – ‘unlucky’ Friday the 13th* and a torrent of blog readers would be headed my way. OK, well, not a torrent, but at least a couple of newbies who might think I don’t care about them because I didn’t even bother to post anything on my blog on Thursday. Please know that I do care. I do! And I repent for not having posted yesterday and will do two Hail Marys as penance. Oh, wait, I’m not Catholic. How about if, instead, I just promise to not miss another day of posting unless I have a really good reason. Like if I’m away and don’t have access to a computer. Or if I’m sick. Or if I get asked out to dinner by a tall, dark, handsome (and rich) guy and he wants to come to my place afterwards for coffee and then we end up in my bedroom and spend the rest of the night having wild and passionate sex. OK, well that last scenario is a bit farfetched. Obviously I am not that kind of girl. I mean, no guy can last all night with me. I’d tire him out after an hour or so and then have time to post all about it on my blog. Stay tuned, 'cause you're not gonna want to miss that one.

*Hola Gringos. I thought it was high time for another Latino lesson. So, listen up cabrones, here goes.

Ugly Betty is a knock-off of a Spanish-language telenovela. See, us ‘Spanish’ folks like to laugh just like you no-speaka-da-Spanish folks. And we practically worship our telenovelas, so please consider it a great honor that we are sharing this one with you. You have Salma Hayek to thank because she made it happen. In case you didn’t know, she’s mejicana by birth. But, don’t worry, the Minutemen said it’s OK for you to like her because she’s rich and beautiful and, oh yeah, she has papeles.

You get to like America Ferrera, too, because she was born in the good ol’ Estados Unidos of America. See, just because people ‘look Spanish’ and have Spanish names, it doesn’t mean they’re ‘illegal.’ They could be American, just like you, puto. I could go on to tell you that America's parents are from Honduras, which is in Central America, which is a bunch of little countries south of Mexico, but that’s almost too much cagada for the gabacho brain, so don’t worry about the pesky geographical details for now.

I’ll just leave you with one more pinche tidbit. Friday the 13th is not unlucky for me and most of my Latino and Spanish (as in from Spain, tonto) amigos. Instead, Tuesday the 13th is. Now if I were cynical instead of speedy, I might say that when you gringos are unlucky, it’s our lucky day. But it’s really not like that at all. Just different customs. That’s it, so no ill will, OK?


JR's Thumbprints said...

Congratulations on your recent award, "Bestest Blog of the Day."

As for medical dramas, my wife watches "Grey's Anatomy" and "ER" faithfully. I, on the other hand, due to my recent health problems, refuse to watch either.

Meloncutter said...

Well congratulations. It's about time. And you have 5.5 readers. I read ya every day. I must have clicked on your blog 37.8 times waiting on your latest bits of trivia and items of interest. But anyway. You deserve the award.

later Yall...

Morgen said...

make that 6.5 regular readers

Arriba! Arrrrriba!
Congrats on Bestest

Lexa Roséan said...

Friday the 13th is always lucky for women and witches:)

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You go, girl. I didn't know about these awards before, but yours is well-deserved.

I love Grey's Anatomy, and have watched ER for years. I think Grey's has more characterization and is less frenetically paced; now that they're on the same night, the order should be reversed.

Tuesday the 13th, huh? Thanks for the cultural lesson. And your little friend, too.

Michael C said...

The Office is about as good as TV comedy gets these days. Every cubicle in my office now sports a "What would Michael Scott do?" picture.

Vive42 said...

you spaniards should all go on back to spain and fight bulls- stop hogging all our apple pie and mcdonalds hamburgers!

(lemme guess, i'm the .5, right?)

La Gringa said...

Congratulations on your award! I can certainly understand the guilt thing. I'm the same way. Why do we put this pressure on ourselves? How silly.

I also wanted to say -- How refreshing! Someone who can admit to watching television.

I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor.

-- From your 7.5th reader in Honduras

Ra Ra Ra Bunggio said...


I suppose since I waited so long to post a comment, that would make me your 8.5th reader.

Dr. A said...

Congrats on Bestest Blog!

Just D said...

Congrats on the award, you have had me in stitches on more than one occasion.

Muchos calimari.


JR's Thumprints: Thanks! And hospitals only suck if you are there in person; TV hospitals are quite entertaining. :)

Meloncutter: Thanks! I wondered why my site counter all of a sudden skyrocketed.

Morgen: Thanks! Wow, I'm up to 6.5. I am practically famous. ;)

Lexa Rosean: Hmm, so does getting Bestest Blog on Friday the 13th mean I'm a witch? ;)

Hearts in San Francisco: Thanks! Myself, I preferred Grey's on Sundays...back to back with ER is a bit much, but I'll try to make do.

Michael C: Isn't The Office the best? I want Jim to go back to Scranton, though, because I thought it was a tad better last season than so far this season.

Vive42: If Speedy and his amigos left, would the gringos have to make the burgers and pick the apples for the apple pie? 'Cause, if so, I suspect there would be no more burgers or apple pie and that would be tragic! (Oh, and I think you're .75.) ;)

La Gringa: Gracias! I'm not sure how people who say they watch absolutely no TV keep current. I bet they secretly watch snippets of shows on the Internet just so they'll have a clue what other people are talking about.

Ra Ra Ra Bunggio: Thanks! Yes, you waited far too long to post a comment. Please make sure that does not happen again. ;)

Dr A: Thanks doc!

Just D: Thanks! Muchos calimari? Yuck! I hate even a little bit of calimari.