Tuesday, October 31, 2006

GLBT History in the Village

This was another chance finding. I explored Greenwich Village on Saturday night. (Sorry, no pictures because it was dark. Plus I didn't bring my camera. I was trying not to be an obvious tourist since I was already a clueless broad out roaming the streets of NYC by myself at night.) But on Sunday morning I had to cut through a corner of Greenwich Village to get to the East Village. I had no specific path in mind, other than going east from the subway and I ended up walking right in front of this landmark. I wasn't sure it if was THE Stonewall (because it really doesn't look very impressive), but I checked some pictures online and it does, in fact, appear to be the Stonewall Inn building. If you don't know what the Stonewall Inn is, you can inform yourself here (cool historic documents) here (cool personal memoir) or here (Wikipedia).

No, the Stonewall Inn is not located on this street. Ha! But it is just down the block. It's a nice, sunny little one-block street, with small homes reminiscent of historic Philadelphia or Boston. You'll have to take my word on that. I didn't get any pictures of the street itself because there was a guy (possibly homeless?) walking aimlessly around the area holding a golf club. He didn’t look especially menacing, but I really had no inkling to find out the hard way what he was doing with a single golf club in the middle of the city, so I just snapped this picture and headed on my way.


Nina said...

My brother Christopher, who is also gay would love this intersection!

Blondie said...

I read a book about the Stonewall--such incredible history in a place!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

When I was 22, I lived on Gay Street, a tiny, narrow alley behind Balducci's outdoor vegetable stand (then) on 6th Ave.

In the summer, children roller skated up and down, and their skates made a shhhhklakkkk sound that echoed off the buildings. Bowery bums graced our stoops at night with their bagged bottles. The houses were red brick on one side, pastel on the other. I loved living there in my tiny apartment. I still love the Village, though I haven't been there for awhile.

Your picture brought back so many memories. Thank you!! I hope you're enjoying every minute of your trip.

Mairin Verthandi said...

It looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Mrs.Quad said...

I came to your blog from commenting on my blog.... my brothers name is Christopher.......do you see the connection here. Let me know what you think of that! OH and BTW I am glad I am not the only person confused about my situation.


Nina: Wow! That's quite the coincidence, given this corner!

Blondie: Yes, indeed. I couldn’t believe I stumbled on this place. If I had been looking, no doubt I would have gotten lost!

Hearts in San Francisco: Glad to have brought back memories. The street and the whole neighborhood looked like a really fun place to live.

Mairin Verthandi: Yes, the trip was great. Glad you are enjoying the pics.

Mrs. Quad: Thanks for visiting! And, yes, I think I see a possible connection. Kind of like Nina (above)!