Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Glove That Fits Just Right

Given this:

You make me rock hard, baby all night
Love's like a glove and it fits just right
You make me rock hard, so baby hold tight
Come on baby, let's rock hard, baby all night
Rock Hard~

Is this really any surprise?



Michael C said...

Answer: No, it's not a surprise ;-)

Kevin said...

I'd buy one if it had the big tongue on it as well.

Blondie said...

They are such merchandising whores. When I saw the Kiss Coffin a few years back, I thought I had seen it all!

slaghammer said...

They did put on a good show back in the early 1930's. Such a long time ago.

Trisha said...


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Anything with Gene Simmons on it would put a real damper on my enthusiasm for the project at hand, so to speak.


Michael C: When I was looking for KISS lyrics I realized that all of their songs were blatantly about S-E-X. Good thing my parents couldn't understand the lyrics. ;)

Kevin: Unfortunately the tongue is just on the wrapper. ;)

Blondie: Coffins? Yikes!

Slaghammer: Ah! You're making me feel old! I had KISS albums in high school. Let's just pretend they were already classics at that time. :)

Trisha: So I take it you won't be buying any... (I tried to visit your blog, but your profile was private.)

Hearts in San Fran: Well then I guess you should get the Paul Stanley ones. ;)