Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Beauty: Not Everyone Sees It

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."


Biomed Tim said...

Hmm...the video made me say "holy crap!" at first, but then I started to think about it...

How does this show that our perception of beauty is distorted? I think most people will agree that the girl was a "5" at first and then they artificially made her into a "9".

Everyone prefers a 9 over a 5. But does that mean our perception is distorted?

lastonehere said...

My wife has only worn make up once since I have known her, and that was at our wedding.

I have always thought that make up is like false advertising. I also think that beauty is as they say only skin deep.

A hot girl that is a bitch I think is ugly as hell

An average girl that is a sweetheart is more beautiful than most models.

BeeJiggity said...

Holy Moley!

She looked good at the start, and then looked stunning and flawless at the end.

To me this says that there universal standards of beauty which mass marketers use to target their audiences. Sometimes they make the picture become what fits the standard.

Surprising that they can do that, but not surprising with what they come up with.

The same could be said for a drawing of a person which looks better than the person.

This is just a high-tech "drawing."

quite intreguing (sp) none-the-less.

Odat said...

Damn, I try that every morning...doesn't work for me..lol



Biomed Tim: OK, but in order to be a 9 the chick had to be made up to the hilt AND Photoshopped. So, maybe 9 is not realistically obtainable?

Last One Here: Can you clone yourself? I know some women who would like to date you. ;)

Beejiggity: The part I found surprising was that after they made her all up, she still wasn't good enough and they had to Photoshop her.

Odat: Me neither! :)

John H said...

this really is sad to me..yeah,there is a certain amount of 'hotness' in the finished product, but I'm afraid that is because we have been programmed that way. We don't know how to open our eyes to see what is really there.


John H: You're back! We missed you!

misanthropster said...

I much preferred the way she looked before they started in on the hair and makeup with her.

Which is pretty funny, considering that I'm a beauty industry professional. (makeup artist).


Misanthropster: Maybe you would have just done a better job wirh the hair and makeup? ;)