Friday, October 13, 2006

I Love Red

I almost never watch Oprah. I’m not a huge fan. It’s not that I don’t like Oprah. I do. She’s clearly made huge inroads as a woman of color and she does a lot that demonstrates she doesn’t see herself as above the masses just because she has big bucks. I like her for that. I thought she was good in The Color Purple and decent in Beloved (although the movie itself was whack). Her talk show, however, is not my favorite. It tends towards psycho-babble and touchy-feely topics and I’m just not very interested in those things (unless I'm making fun of them, of course).

But today I happened to tune in to Oprah and I’m so glad that I did. Oprah was out and about in Chicago buying up lots of red stuff. (And I do mean LOTS. Who else but someone with Oprah’s bucks would snatch up ten iPod Nanos at once? That’s gotta put a big hit on the old credit card!) She dragged Bono along to carry all her shopping bags. The red products Oprah bought were part of the Product Red line. Product Red was co-founded by Bono to raise funds for AIDS/HIV care in Africa. Part of the proceeds of all red products sold go to the healthcare effort. (Oprah kept mentioning just AIDS/HIV, but it seems Product Red also raises money for TB and malaria treatment in Africa.)

That it's all for a good cause should be enough to get people to buy some red goodies. But, as an added bonus, the red stuff that Oprah was buying happens to be totally awesome. My favorite was the red iPod Nano at the Apple Store. It is very sleek and much cooler than the blasé silver and black versions, if you ask me. It almost makes me want to finally break down and get an iPod for myself. The red Motorola scissor cell phone was also very hot. That it was hocked by Kanye West made it practically sizzle. (OK, well I exaggerate, but Kanye was in the Motorola store to plug the phone.) I would totally buy one if I didn’t have a year left on my Sprint contract. (Damn cell phone contracts!) Oprah bought ten. Guess she has the bucks to cancel all the contracts tomorrow and pay the stiff cancellation fees.

Clothing wise, Oprah bought like two entire wardrobes at the GAP. She made some comment about needing two of everything because she has homes in both Chicago and LA. (Being filthy rich is so complicated!) But anyway, there were t-shirts, jeans and jackets in the GAP red line. I happen to love red, but if it’s not your color, not everything in the Gap red line is red. For example, the red blue jeans are, well, blue. The Product Red GAP Ts have some neat sayings on them like ‘INSPI(RED)’ and DESI(RED).’ But my fave item from Oprah’s purchases at the GAP store was the Converse Mudcloth sneaks. Think old-school Converse high tops combined with traditional African textiles. Totally hip. I just know my kids are going to want those. Oprah bought…yep, ten pairs.

Oprah’s final stop was the Armani store where she bought a red watch. (Not sure why she didn’t buy ten!) She also bought some red Bono-style sunglasses and some Ts. Truthfully I liked the GAP red apparel better than the Armani stuff. I don’t think it had anything to do with Christy Turlington and Penelope Cruz modeling the GAP clothes, but who knows? Maybe I’m subconsciously turned on by super-skinny female model types. I doubt it, though. More likely, I just consciously know the GAP stuff is more in my price range.

Oprah wrapped up her show back in the studio where she was joined by Alicia Keyes and Bono who were to perform a song together. Sweet! I really like Alicia Keyes’ music. But wouldn’t you know it, right when they were to start, my local station cut away for a breaking news alert about a missing college student from Vermont. This was so uncalled for! It isn’t exactly breaking news when another station already reported the same thing. An hour ago. Grrr… But in any case I enjoyed the inc(red)ible shopping spree.

Oh and guess what? Like everyone who's anyone, Product Red also has a blog.


Vive42 said...

ewww- consumerism! double ewww- rich people! i'm sorry but the slight possibility of helping sick people in africa just isn't enough to offset all the eeeevil.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Hmmm. So if I had mugged the woman in the red leather jacket I coveted the other day, I could have scored points Just Because It Was Red.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Oh, you say I had to BUY the red object? Well, God is in the details. And the jacket had very nice details.

Michael C said...

So that's what it feels like to spend a day with the Queen of All Media? At least it helped a good cause!

Lizza said...

That must've been fun: going shopping with a rock star and caring nothing about prices. :-) I LOVE the red Converse sneakers!

T said...

I love red, too......


Vive42: Yeah, but if there was not a constant stream of new products flooding the market, what would the rich people spend their money on? Surely you don’t think they would just give it away to help the less fortunate.

Hearts in San Fran: I think if you had stolen the jacket and then sent $10 to Bono, that would have worked. Just thought I'd mention it in case you see the person with the red leather coat again. ;)

Michael C: Apparently...though I failed to mention earlier that they buzzed all over Chicago in some hot little red sports car.

Lizza: Yes, it pays to be Oprah. :)

T: So did you run out and buy 10 of everything red yet? :)


Lizza: I was going to link over and visit your blog, but your profile is private so I couldn't get there. :(