Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Than Four is Tight Fit

Twister is a game of physical skill produced by Hasbro Games.

Any number of people can play, though more than four is a tight fit.

The high-paced and frivolous nature of the game, the proximity it causes the between participants, and the ease with which the frequent losses can be given forfeits (such as stripping or drinking) make it highly popular at college parties.



Deri said...

That is a signal house at Land's End, San Francisco

Anonymous said...

When did Twister end up being a game played while in bed?

Gosh, I've been doin' it all wrong.

Maybe that's my problem.

abbagirl74 said...

Four is not a tight fit. They just need to make bigger beds.

Anonymous said...

I always wanted to do a Naked Twister party. but now I am old and fat and all the friends I would invite are old and fat. The idea just does not quite have the appeal it once did. With all of the arthritic groaning, flatulence and having to move the spouses boob off of a spot in order to land on it, I think the fun would be gone.

Later yall.....

Anonymous said...

where can I find that bedding?


Deri: At first I was like, no it's a bed, silly. But then I realized you were responding to my comment on your blog, not this post. Duh! Thanks for the info. :)

Nina: Well you can play on the floor, too, if you prefer, but the bed is much more comfortable. :)

Abbagirl74: Spoken like a true expert in these matters. ;)

Meloncutter: Too funny! (Though I'm not sure your wife would appreciate the humor.) :)

Ra Ra Ra Bunggio: It would appear to be available only in the UK, but hopefully it will be at your local Target soon. We can't let those Brits have all the fun!