Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Thingamajigs x5

Yikes, I have been tagged x2! First Kirsten at All About Me - And Then Some tagged me to post ‘9 weird things/habits about myself.’ Next, LastOneHere at Nothing Here tagged me for a ‘five things’ list. Since these two taggings were (thankfully) sorta, kinda related, I rolled them into one; added, subtracted, multiplied and divided; and created a new meme, which I am designating Random Thingamajigs x5. I don’t know if it’s against meme rules to manipulate the meme, but I already did it, so too late to go back now.

Random Thingamajigs x5

5 thingamajigs I like
—My kids
—Thinking outside the box
—One (but only one) huge blizzard per winter
—Being able to find a parking space whenever I want one

5 thingamajigs I hate
—Traffic jams
—Being wrong
—Christmas shopping
—Stupid and obnoxious people (stupid or obnoxious is OK)

5 thingamajigs I do far too often
—Bitch and moan
—Blog/Surf the Internet
—Sit around on my fat ass
—Get offended by people who offend too easily

5 thingamajigs I do even though I shouldn't
—Hold a grudge for a long time
—Get kicks from being passive-aggressive
—Stay up too late and never get enough sleep
—Not eat 5 fruits and veges each and every day

5 thingamajigs I would never do
—Drink and drive
—Go bungee jumping
—Join the armed forces
—Vote for someone named Bush
—Park illegally in a handicapped space

5 thingamajigs I regret doing
—Getting married the first time
—Getting married the second time
—Not taking auto shop in high school
—Threatening to mark all Cs on the SATs
—Switching college majors (nursing to psych)

5 thingamajigs I would do if I won $100 million
—Spoil family and friends
—Donate to worthy causes
—Quit my job and never work again
—Travel to obscure corners of the globe
—Disprove the adage that money can’t buy happiness

5 thingamajigs about me that are peculiar but true

—I visited Disney World the month it opened.
—I lived in a hotel when I was little (like Eloise).
—My father came out of the closet when I was 18.
—I had two high school graduations (US and abroad).
—My ancestors were accused in the Salem witch trials.

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*To be selected ‘randomly’ using the Bestest Blog random blog button, Blogger’s next blog button or drawing names out of a hat. And if you don't pass this on, then 5 bad thingamajigs will happen to you in the next 5 decades.

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T said...

I like the way you reworked the meme; interesting things about you, girl!!

DesLily said...

thanks for stopping by!

...gosh I need to go back and add Bush to my list of things never to do!

Pepper said...

Hey I had an ancestor who was tried and convicted of witchcraft. Then I had another who was hung and so was the horse he rode in on.

I have traveled to Central America quite cheaply. Of course I didn't stay in the nicest of places, learned to bath once in a great while, ate things I won't admit to but I love it there. If there was a way I could talk my mother into going in the RV I would in a heartbeat. She is 76 years old and drugging her and sneaking her across the border might do her in let alone waking up in a strange country.

Love your blog.


T: Yes, more than anyone ever wanted to know, I'm sure. :)

Deslily: Not voting for Bush should be on everyone's never do list! ;)

Pepper: You don't think you could get away with telling her you were just driving through an area of the US that had a high Latino population? ;) (Thanks for visiting my blog.)

Just D said...

Very cool, we have the bungee jumping and marrying the ex husbands in common.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

Most interesting list. And I already liked you a lot.

I thought of listing my first two marriages as things I regret, but since they produced three amazing kids, I just couldn't. So much I could say about this, but won't in case the wrong people are listening.

Did your Salem ancestors beat the bum rap?

lastonehere said...

Great spin on the meme, I can really feel the sarcasm. LOL


Just D: Good! Then I know you won’t ever try to rope me into going bungee jumping with you. :)

Hearts in San Fran: Yes, the ancestors beat the rap in the end. I thought about the kids part, but I kind of got the sperm donation before the marriages, so I regret not just skipping the marriages. ;)

Last One Here: Sarcastic is my middle name. :)