Monday, October 23, 2006

Somebody Is Getting Rich

At the risk of having my former hubby find this and use it to track me down, I’ll tell you that this is a picture of a new house in my neighborhood. Like most houses in this area, it’s a wood-framed triple decker, divided into three 2BR/2BA units, one on each floor. Each unit measures about 1,350 square feet, has a balcony and one off-street (uncovered) parking space. Amenities include recessed lighting; washer/dryer in each unit; pre-wiring for Internet and surround sound; and shared fitness and storage areas in the basement.

The units are being offered for sale as condos. Care to guess how much each of these condo units is selling for? (Hint for those of you who are not familiar with MA real estate prices: The median single-family home price is the area is around $415K and the median condo price $360K. The median annual household income is about $50K.)



If you guessed $665,000, $670,000 and $675,000, you are correct.

misanthropster said...

Christ on a crutch.

Ok, I can stop bitching about housing prices in my area now.


Blondie said...

Yeah, same prices in Chicago. Makes me realize I will rent till I die. And I suppose we shouldn't even discuss the assessment fees and the property taxes, eh? ;)

Not a Cookie Cutter said...

In Texas you could have a HUGE house on a HUGE lot for that price......

Peg said...

Holy Shit! I should NOT be surprised, we recently moved from the greater Boston area to the hills of NH, but somehow, when condos are priced THAT high, I still give pause.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm enjoying your entries about NYC!



Misanthropster: The Boston area has crazy real estate prices, but this one seemed above and beyond the usual high prices.

Blondie: I'm a renter, too. Sometimes it has its benefits (like when something goes wrong and it's not my problem), but on the other hand it seems like a lot of money with no long-term gain. Boo-hoo.

Not a Cookie Cutter: Agh! Don't tell me that. You'll make me sad. ;)

Peg: Yes, it's crazy! I guess NH is always an option, but I'm kind of a city girl. (Even though I grew up in NH!)