Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Street Fair

Came across this New York City street fair by chance on Saturday, off of 5th Avenue, around West 50-something street. I couldn’t tell which of these signs (if any) were antiques and which were reproductions. They all seemed a little rusty. I think tossing them out on the ground on a rainy day was all part of the seller's evil plan to give them an 'antique' look and be able to sell them for big bucks. He was asking $20-$30 each, a bit of a rip-off if they're reproductions but not if they're antiques. In any case, the silly tourists were eating them up. I think a lot of people in Nebraska are getting rusty signs for Christmas.

Fenway Park?? Is it even legal to display this in New York City?


John H said...

lotta damn nerve to display that FENWAY sign in NYC!

hope no one purchased THAT!

Angela said...

I love, love, your NYC posts. Awesome.


John H: Well, I did, of course. ;)

Angela: Thanks! :)