Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lives of the Rich and Trashy

Ives is a club-hopping, 20-something, living large off of daddy's millions. This is a weekend in the life of Ives. [Click on pics to link to larger originals.]

Friday: Ives goes clubbing in the $800 grey dress, $460 satin pumps and $725 bracelet she bought with daddy's credit card. The drunken ho pose is compliments of the dozen or so cocktails she also charged to daddy's credit card. Ives' friend in the orange dress, Ryan, is keeping an eye on the trashed Ives. If any guy without a silver spoon in his mouth dares approach, Ryan will summon her man strength to keep him at bay.

Saturday: Ives goes clubbing in the $145 tank top and $2500 ring she bought with daddy's credit card. (The sequined bootie shorts were pilfered from Kmart for fun.) Brian, Ives' friend in black, is so busy touching up her makeup and calling around in an attempt to score some 420 that she doesn't realize Ives is being accosted. Normally such a thing would not matter, except this guy may not of Ives' caliber since he apparently could not afford to purchase pants. Ives wants to ask him where he bought the dashing pink fur stole and rain boots ensemble, but she is too wasted.

Sunday: Ives goes clubbing in the $326 dress, $325 suede pumps and $1600 ring she bought with daddy's credit card. She's going slow on the booze tonight to avoid a recap of last night's freakish restroom encounter. Plus she's a bit miffed at Brian. Ives only goes clubbing with her friends Ryan and Brian so she can look super hot in comparison. Yet Brian has dolled up so much tonight that she can totally pass. Ives so hates being shown up by a drag queen!

Photo credit: These shots were from a fashion spread in a Boston freebie paper that covers the club scene. The commentary was sparse in the original, so I had to add my own.


lastonehere said...

When I grow up I wanna have a rich daddy. Oh wait, think of all those lessons I will not learn. Like how to dress myself.

Crankster said...


I want sequels! Ives gets a penicillin shot. Ives hooks up with the cute guy in rehab. Ives crosses the picket line at the abortion clinic. Ives gets a movie career.

This is outstanding!

misanthropster said...

People are supposed to be able to afford to go clubbing in these outfits?



Last One Here: I want a rich daddy who will pay a tutor to teach me how to dress myself. Or just pay someone to dress me. Whatever. ;)

Crankster: I have a call in to Ives manager to see if she will be available for blog sequels. She might be too busy spending daddy's money, but we'll see.

Misanthropster: They can always sit at home alone and admire their expensive wardrobe. That's fun, right? ;)