Saturday, October 21, 2006

To Park or Not To Park

I hate parking tickets! I will drive around the block a hundred times rather than park illegally and risk a ticket or worse *gasp* a tow. After over 20 years of city living, I have only accumulated two parking tickets. Ever! (OK, well for like 15 of those years I didn’t even have a car, but whatever.)

Anyway, I had to venture to the pesky suburbs last week and I came across this little beauty of a sign along the main drag of Medford, MA. (Claim to fame: Jingle Bells was written there, maybe.) To park or not to park? I was at a loss! So much so that I ventured back to Medford with my camera so I could snap a pic and see what you guys thought.

So, what do you think? Is this sign confusing or am I just stupid? This is an either/or question, so you don't get to say that I am stupid if you also think the sign is confusing. But you can say that the sign is confusing AND that I must have issues if I bothered to go back and get a picture of it. Like I said, I hate parking tickets!

And, no, I didn’t get one. You didn't think I’d actually risk parking there, did you? I drove round and round and ended up parking like 2 miles down the road. At least the walk back was good exercise.


John H said...

i have a moral imperative not to pay for parking and not to get tickets or get towed. this has lead to great amounts of exercise and great amounts of pissed off children and family...but hey..when i's my perogative!

slaghammer said...

It means that you can park there Sunday night for one hour. It doesn’t seem to be a very generous parking policy.

Blondie said...

Yes, I think it means you can park there for one hour, but NOT at the times listed. I see a lot of these crazy signs in Chicago. The best ones are the ones that say you can park there all the time EXCEPT from XMonth-XMonth when there is over 1 inch of snow. So lots of people go to bed and don't know it snows in the middle of the night and wake up and their cars are gone! Clark Street in Chicago is one of these lovely streets. Grrrr.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Are you sure that sign isn't in San Francisco? Many of ours are equally confusing.

I am not careless about this, either, but have gotten 5 parking tickets in the last 2 years. I always challenge them and sometimes I win. At the very least, it buys me time.

Either the tiny sign that indicates the space is for professional vehicles is missing, or it's obscured by an armada of newspaper vending machines, or there is no sign at all, and the parking nazis can capriciously ticket whomever they please.

The lowest parking fine here is $60. My husband got one for $178. (strange amt, no?) for parking in a tow-away zone that wasn't marked. We took pictures. They were not impressed. That money would have bought a few groceries.

Moral: You can't be too careful because they're out to get you. Taxachusetts or Khollifawnia, makes no difference.

misanthropster said...

no clue. But I think that does qualify under my post about hating people who write gramatically incorrect signs.

We should sue.

Or something.

At least toilet paper the bad sign writers' houses.

abbagirl74 said...

You are allowed to park for one hour on Mon-Sat from 7 am to 7 pm. If you are parked for more than one hour, they will tow your car. You can park for more than one hour after 7 pm but before 7 am and all day on Sunday.

Nina said...

Very confusing sign and hurts my head.

I would have done the same and parked miles away.


Mairin Verthandi said...

I read it the same way abbagirl74 did.

Meloncutter said...

The sign was put up as job security for the mayor's niece who is the parking maid. She rides around in her little cushman scooter with her little chalk stick timing the cars. It's less embarrassing for the mayor than her working in the house of Ill repute that she was originally employed in. Of course this is all just speculation but I would imagine it's quite a possibility.

Later Yall....

guillem said...

I lament your "new Europeism" rather in Italian or Latin mode. The "power" is hunter, by definition. Smooth definition. It´s a very old thing, the power. It only needs impunity.
In Spain we are worse, much worse, but "the power" paints and marks very much, free parking places for invalid or subnormal people. Certain things "move" the power.
The maid possibility.. you are wise!
It´s possible and "typical"..


Thanks all for your humorous comments and interpretation of the sign. There is not a consensus, so maybe I will just keep parking miles away whenever I go to there just to be safe. ;)