Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Customer Is Always Right

I said yesterday that I was done with the New York City trip postings. That was technically true. This one is about Connecticut.

Now wouldn’t you go out of your way to shop at a store with a policy like that? I would. And I did on the way home from NYC. Because I couldn’t remember where along I-95 the damn place was located. Only took me three exits to find the right one (Norwalk, CT!). They really need a sign out on the highway because the place is like a national landmark or something.

After all, Stew Leonard's is the world’s largest dairy store, according to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. That right there should make it Connecticut's top attraction. But it is so much more than a dairy store! They also sell all the other food groups. Plus, the place is wonderfully hokey, as you can see from these pictures. (The milk cartons and whatnot throughout the store break into song and dance at regular intervals.)

Not to mention that Stew's employs the nicest people. A store security guard was standing in front of 'the rock' (top picture), so I was forced to ask him to move his ass so I could get the shot. He said sure and even encouraged me to get an extra shot just in case. (He was right; my first shot wasn't good at all.) He then very politely told me that if I wanted to take pictures of the store's exterior that was fine, but not to take additional pictures inside the store. (I complied, of course; no additional inside pics were taken.) Guess those talking milk cartons are top secret. So, shh, don't tell anyone.


Crankster said...

I can somehow imagine Stew's brother trying to create Lenny's world of meats and discovering that talking pigs in a slaughterhouse aren't as cute as dancing milk cartons.

slaghammer said...

Sort of on the same subject, there are fried chicken joints in this part of the world that have signs with cartoon-like chickens, complete with happy smiley faces, on their signs and menus. The smiley face is lost somewhere between the chicken coop and the large pots of boiling grease I guess. Kind of creepy.

Michael C said...

Totally looks like my type of place!!! No, really!


Crankster: I don't know...talking pigs sound pretty cute. (Think Charlotte's Web.) Maybe too cute, even! People would stop eating bacon and the business would go downhill.

Slaghammer: Well, I guess it's like full get to see what you are going to eat. ;)

Michael C: For all its hokeyness, it is a cool store. I've only been a few times, but I love their baked goods and the prices seem decent.