Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dance the Night Away

A mini tribute to Dancing with the Stars whose run ended tonight, thus freeing me up on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for more important things, like blogging.

If you still want to be kept in suspense about whether it was
Emmitt or Mario who won, don't scroll down.

Mario Lopez used to have a hard time getting a date for the dance? That's pretty hard to believe, especially given how his butt so nicely fills out those tight-ass 1980s-style jeans. Plus he's a damn good dancer.

But not good enough to be crowned champion of season 3 of Dancing with the Stars. That honor, and the disco-ball inspired trophy went to football player Emmitt Smith and his professional dance partner Cheryl Burke. While my weakness for Latinos left me rooting for
Mario, Emmitt was really quite awesome. Check out Hammer time, Emmitt style.


Pepper said...

oh my god, Emmitt Smith won? Yeah

Barb said...

YAY for Emmitt!!!! He was just so darn CUTE!

I see Mario has always been a dancer. I didn't realize until just recently that he'd been on that Saved By The Bell show my daughter used to watch all time.


Looks like we have some Emmitt fans in the house. He was pretty cute. :)