Saturday, November 04, 2006

Go, Go, Go, Zzzz

Hotel and Ground Transportation in New York City provided by....

Affinia Manhattan, 7th Avenue and 31st Street
Also impressive from the back
View of 31st Street from our room on the 18th floor
Classy hotel bathroom with telephone
(But how the hell do you reach it from the crapper?)

Remember, the whole New York City excursion was a work-related trip. That's why we got to stay at a nice hotel. If I had picked a hotel based on what I could afford, we would have been at the Motel 6 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Taxi! (super cheap compared to Boston)
The NYC subway: surprisingly clean and safe-feeling
Cool old-school mosaics at the 28th Street subway station
Our rental car (my car would never make it to NYC)

When we checked in to the hotel, the desk clerk told me I was 'brave' to drive to NYC. Huh? Piece of cake, hon, really. I found my way in and out of the city with no problem whatsoever. NYC even has street signs on nearly every corner. What a concept! Boston should try it. Sure the taxi drivers are a bit aggressive, but whatever. I bet they would have given me more respect if they knew I was a crazy Mass-ass driver and not from New Jersey. Probably no bitch from Jersey has ever cut 'em off like that before.

And that, ladies and gentleman, concludes our New York City postings. (Scroll down or click on the New York City subject link in the side bar if you didn't catch the earlier NYC-trip-related posts and are interested.)


Nina said...

Great pics from your trip to NYC! Thanks for sharing them.

I've only been once a few years ago and would love to go back.

John H said...

damn fine photography, Par. You are making me nostalgic for my NYC days. You managed to see and snap a lot for the short time you were there.

austere said...


Blondie said...

I've never understood why there are phones in the crapper. Seriously, I don't want to hear anyone grunt and talk at the same time. Or brush their teeth.

Crankster said...

NY drivers are just exceedingly selfish. Boston drivers are just plain crazy. I'm just impressed that you were able to find parking spaces.

thethinker said...

Great pictures.

I've always wondered about the phone in the bathroom situation, not that I'd ever need to use the phone and the bathroom simultaneously.


Nina: Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the all NYC, all the time, blogging. :) I hadn’t been to NYC for maybe 9-10 years (except for just driving through). It's really not that far for me, so not sure why I waited so long!

John H: Thanks. Glad to have been able to usher you down memory lane. (The credit for me taking so many pics really goes to you, since you told me blogging from NYC was a must!)

Austere: Thanks! :)

Blondie: Yes, that type of multitasking is just so uncalled for!

Crankster: I'll have you know that it takes years of practice to get crazy Boston-style driving down right. :) But even I was not crazy enough to think I could find parking in NYC! The car went into the hotel's parking garage upon arrival and didn't emerge until the day we left.

The Thinker: Thanks. I used to think that having a phone in the bathroom was a sign of a classy hotel. But, really, except for maybe the queen, who needs to take a call on the throne? ;)

Lee said...

Came to you from Crankster. Great pictures! Looks like you've had a ball in NYC. I love it so. Did you get to see the Sky Mirror in Rockefeller Center? If not, check out my recentNYC post.

Also have you tried the chicken kabobs that some of the street vendors sell? $3 for a stick full of heaven!


Lee: Hi! Thanks for visiting. I saw the sky mirror, but wasn't clear on what it was until I read your post. There were so many people crowded around it with cameras, I thought it was some sort of tourist magnet. ;) (Missed the chicken kabobs...Now I need to go back!)

Not a Cookie Cutter said...

I don't know why people think it is so difficult to navigate/drive in NYC, I also found it quite simple, whereas in Austin "if" one actually encounters a street sign who knows which one of the five different names the actual road is, and further Austin likes to label roads as Loops when they are in fact not. Fun photos!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

So they've cleaned up the subways since I was last there. They used to smell like piss and pointed shoes were necessary to fend off perverts.

Ah, New York, NY.

I've been enjoying your pix. They make me homesick, but not for the subway.

CP said...

Homesick and jealous.

All I have to say.