Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ground Zero, Sort Of

First one plane. A freak accident, no doubt. Then another plane. Freak accidents don’t happen in twos. Shock. Fear. Disbelief. First one tower falls. Holy shit. Then the other tower falls. Holy fucking shit. Shock. Fear. Disbelief. Sadness.

My memories are quite clear. Even five years later. I have never felt the need to go to Ground Zero to remember. Or to forget. I wasn’t going to go.

Yet, so many people have a huge fascination with Ground Zero. Perhaps it would move me. Satisfy some inner (morbid) curiosity. Provide closure. Or perhaps not.

Ambivalence. I purposely departed New York City via an out-of-the-way route through lower Manhattan, knowing I would pass right by Ground Zero. I purposely did not investigate where and how to best see Ground Zero. If I saw it, I saw it. If not, oh well.

I saw it. Sort of. The back side of the World Trade Center site, at least. Near where 5 and 6 World Trade Center were, I think. Didn't look like much of anything, really. Some man said to go to the PATH (train) station for a better view. I was illegally parked. I didn’t go. I have my memories. I don’t need a parking ticket from Ground Zero to remember. Or to forget.

As far as I can figure (correct me if I’m wrong here), the building seen above is Fiterman Hall at 30 West Broadway. It housed classrooms for the City University of New York (CUNY). It was damaged when 7 World Trade Center, which was across the street, collapsed and is slated to be demolished.

The statue ('Balloon Flower (Red)' by Jeff Koons) above is in front of the newly constructed 7 World Trade Center, the first building to be constructed on the WTC site since 9/11. Apparently there is quite a conspiracy theory over the collapse of 7 WTC, which was interesting because I had never heard about it before. In any case, the new building was moved back a bit from its previous location, so this statue sits where 7 WTC used to be. Some say it's unoriginal. It has even been called a big red cock. What do you think?


ShadowFalcon said...

Ballon Flower...all I can think is...its really ugly.

Lizza said...

No offense, but I think it looks like big red poo.

T said...

Good post, girl.

Odat said...


Crankster said...

The fact that Jeff Koons even counts as an artist undermines the entire art world. I think his art should be regarded as krugerrands or gold nuggets--commodities with no actual value that one purchases as a hedge against inflation.

Blondie said...

I thought it looked very sexual in a funny way when I scrolled down here. Yeah, it's wrong. Very wrong.


Thanks for the comments.

It seems that no one is a big fan of the dreadful Balloon Flower. Perhaps they should have commissioned some of Koons' porn art instead; that would have garnered more fans I bet. ;)