Saturday, November 04, 2006

Let Us Pray

When I do good, I feel good;
When I do bad, I feel bad.
That's my religion.
~Me and some dude named Abraham Lincoln~

St. Patrick's Cathedral
Madison Avenue at West 50th Street
'Largest gothic-style Catholic Cathedral in the US'
Even has a
gift store!

St Francis of Assisi Monastery and Church
West 31st Street, between 6th and 7th Avenue
The homeless camp out on the front steps at night.
I know because my hotel was across the street.

United Methodist Church of All Nations
St. Mark's Place, near 2nd Avenue
Love how it says 'Episcopal Church' above the window.
Methodist, Episcopal, whatever.

Bible Crusade Assembly of God
and Mt. Olive House of Prayer
East 13th Street, near the corner of Avenue B
Two churches in one location! Interracial worship!
Not to mention biblical diatribes on sexual 'perversion.'

Yeah, OK, so this hardly does justice to the numerous churches, synagogues, mosques and whatnot in New York City, but religion is not really my thing. I didn't set out to create a religious photo montage; these few shots just happened to end up on my camera. I took it as a sign from god that I was to share them.


Blondie said...


misanthropster said...

St. pat's kinda scared me.

The gift shop definitely did it.

I liked St. Whatever's across the street... you know, the not Catholic one.

Crankster will know...


Blondie: Yep. Even I acknowledge that a lot of churches are stunning from the outside. It's just what's inside that can be scary. ;)

Misanthopster: Across the street? I'm trying to think what was there. Some giant statue of a man, as I remember. So, maybe it was a man-worshiping church of some sort? That sounds like it could be nice. ;)

Crankster said...

St. Pats felt really cold. The strip search and body-cavity search didn't help.

Neither did the massively overpriced gift shop. I seem to remember something about Jesus casting out the moneylenders.

It was either him or Spider-man.