Friday, November 24, 2006

Missing the White Stuff

When I was a kid growing up in New Hampshire, there was tons of snow every winter. One year it even snowed so much that the snow reached roof level and we had to dig a tunnel through the snow to get to the barn to feed the animals. Oh, OK, maybe I borrowed that from Little House on the Prairie, but there definitely was a lot of snow in NH back in the 1970s. There isn't anymore, thanks to global warming. Think about that the next time you power up your giant SUV to drive - by yourself - one mile down the road.

Despite these warnings, there was no ice or snow where I was in New Hampshire for Thanksgiving. In fact it was 50 degrees out there today! It made for great driving weather. But now that I am safely back home I think it's about time New Hampshire got blanketed with some white stuff.

(Rock Star took this picture. He'll get mad if I don't mention that.)


Michael C said...

It really does seem like the weather has changed over the past few years. Earlier this week it was over 90 here which is too hot for even Southern California.

austere said...

No snow?
Lovely picture, btw. i like the way the branches look, stark in profile against all the green.

Skittles said...

We visited New Hampshire last summer and it is a beautiful state.

No snow here in Michigan yet, either.

Kirsten said...

I remember going sledding after dinner all the time on Thanksgiving. My mom said it was warmer than usual this year.

Snow was magical as a child, but when I grew up and had to clean my car off all the time, shovel it, and drive in it, it lost its appeal.