Monday, November 06, 2006

Size Really Matters

"Will have you seriously looking bigger"
So, guys, care to test it public?


Biomed Tim said...

Did I just watch a video about a bunch of guys getting naked on the beach?

Did I just confess to watching the video?


ShadowFalcon said...

oh no my eyes my eyes!!!

abbagirl74 said...

uh, yummmmmm!

ramo said...

And I found the guy who used towel, more sexy than the ones who got butt naked!

Barb said...


Lee said...

I dare them to find 5 guys hanging out together that look that good on a beach here in America. Nice!

Michael C said...

Do I spy stocking stuffers? It is that time of year, otherwise you would not catch me EVER writing that!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

They look like training pants.

Meloncutter said...

I think it would be a good place to hide a banana.

Later Y'all.....

austere said...

about halfway, got tired of waiting for the feed to upload.

BeeJiggity said...

I don't get it. She compared the underwear to the WonderBra. Shouldn't there have been a before and after shot of the guys.

Believe me, I don't think I really wanted to see that, but at least it would have included something to make a judgment on.

At this point, I just watched a buncha guys take off their pants in front of a chick who kept her clothes on.

I'm supposed to buy some new drawlz because of THAT!?!!?

Methinks not.

Odat said...

Yeah I'd like a before and after


Biomed Tim: Yes you confessed, so watch out, I might try to blackmail you with it later. ;)

Shadow Falcon: Hmm, the effect of watching the video repeatedly?. :)

Abbagirl74: You like?

Ramo: Blue-towel guy? Yeah, he was pretty hot. :)

Barb: Indeed!

Lee: Except maybe at a surfer's convention, it would not be easy.

Michael C: Nice recovery, citing the 'holiday season' and all. ;)

Hearts in SF: Not exactly the look they were going for, I imagine.

Meloncutter: But only a scrunched up banana, I suspect.

Austere: Oh well. In the end it was just a bunch of guys in undies.

Beejiggity: Well in fairness the chick should have stripped down to her Wonder bra and panties, too. Then would you have bought them?

Odat: Yes, that's a good idea. Close-ups, preferably. ;)