Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Story You'll Never Hear

Fox TV has announced that it will not be airing the OJ Simpson interview detailing how OJ would have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ‘if’ he did it. OJ’s book on the same topic is being scrapped as well. All copies of the book – which was already in print but not due to be available for sale until November 30 – reportedly will be destroyed. Now we will never know how OJ ‘would have’ done it. Guess we’ll just have to be satisfied watching reruns of Court TV detailing how he actually DID do it.

I wrote a few days ago about the OJ book and TV special. Let me reiterate here that it is my belief that OJ murdered Nicole and Ron. I can’t say for sure exactly what OJ was thinking, but I imagine he might have been of the mindset that if he couldn’t have Nicole, then no one else would either. That was (is?) my former hubby’s position with regards to me. I could either stick with him (and be his personal punching bag) or (live on my own in which case) he’d kill me, my choice. (Ha, some choice!) It is truly unfortunate and sad for Nicole and everyone who loved her that she seemingly faced a similar choice. And the worst part is that OJ probably feels no remorse since I bet in his mind Nicole asked for it.

Perhaps the public outcry over his if-I-did-it story will send OJ the message that the public is not on his side regardless of his acquittal. Perhaps it will make him ineligible to receive whatever huge payoff he was getting from the book deal. Perhaps it will make TV stations and publishers think twice before subjecting the public to similar crap. Perhaps it will give the Brown and Goldman families comfort. Perhaps it will make some other abusive spouse think twice.

I doubt it, but perhaps.

All that said, I should add that, as abhorrent as the idea of an OJ’s if-I-did-it story is, OJ has every right to tell it. And if some TV station or publisher wants to pick up the story (as I imagine one will, eventually), they have every right to do so. All because of a little thing called free speech. Everyone has a right to it, even pond scum like OJ Simpson. If you don’t agree, feel free to say so. That’s your right. For the time being anyway.


Starrlight said...

Nice post! Freedom of speech does mean that less than savory things like this do have the right to be publish and aired on TV. It also allows the public to right to express their disgust in it.

Skittles said...

I'm all for the Constitution. And I would have happily exercised my right to not watch or read any of that.