Saturday, November 11, 2006

Study Hard Boys and Girls

Heed the words of Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, boys and girls: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't you get stuck..."

Lucky Corner Variety Store ~ The Ville, MA

...making signs at the corner store for minimum wage. Or at least I think Kerry said something like that.


Crankster said...

What's really sad is that most people would blame you for being too picky about anal-retentive things like "spelling" and "using the right words."

thethinker said...

Darn. If I don't start studying harder, I'll end up like the guy down the street with the taco stand that says "Cheep Tacos and Tortillas".

misanthropster said...

I gots a store near here that kin sell yew some

"Extremely HUGE Recliners"


At least they didn't spell it "recliner's"


Go read "Eats, Shoots and Leaves"

It will make you happy.

ramo said...

Hmm, thats what my parents used constantly to terrorise me.

Kevin said...

How do you misspell it THAT way???? Not that I can overlook or understand it, but I can see how the first mistake could possibly happen. But Fruir???

Even misspellings tend to follow some sort of phoenitc rule. I will always remember in 8th grade someone spelling the word "brooze." So, I could see (albeit not accept) froot, fruut, phrut, frut, feroot, or feruit....but fruir????????? WTF?

Barb said...

They need spell check.

Dan said...

Kerry is a big fruir cake with the IQ of a vegetble!

Meloncutter said...

Good one.
I do find it amazing though, that with our new computer sign producing programs that they have errors in the wording not dissimilar from those in your post.

I have seen my company take applications from those of us in the lower echelon of the labor pool to move up into the in the world to program the computers to make these signs. They all require 4 years of college with a solid background in various computer software.

"Wail... I sells melluns fer a livin. And I makes my sines with a marker too. I sels bannas, kokinuts, maters, taters, peenuts fer ballin, zookini and yeller skwash, and all kines of stuffs and I gots a high skool diplomer."

Dang it! If I had known just how much of a fart smeller,.... oops! smart feller ole Kerry was at the time I would have voted for him instead of just writing my own name in.

Later Y'all