Friday, November 17, 2006

Surfing for Sex

...In an effort to shield children from naughty material on the Internet, the Justice Department is seeking to resurrect the 1998 Child Online Protection Act...The U.S. Supreme Court struck down [this act] -- which would have required pornographic sites to restrict access to minors by requiring viewers to provide a credit card number -- in 2004 because it violated the free speech rights of adults.

...the U.S. government's attempted revival of this law is the wrong way of going about battling online pornography because it ineffectively tries to protect minors from explicit websites.

...the responsibility of policing what children view on the Internet falls squarely in the hands of parents...If parents take the time to properly set up...filters, cyberspace could become safer for children without infringing on the rights of others with overburdening legislation.

The Daily Free Press (BU student newspaper), 11/16/06

Uh-oh, where are this kid's parents?

Additional COPA trial news here and here.
Oh, and don't have a hissy. The video kid is 21 (or so he says).


ShadowFalcon said...

Its can't be that hard to pay attention to your kids can it? Plus they can get porn almost everywhere all ready just look under a teenaged boys bed...

Barb said...

lol at what shadowfalcon said about under the bed.

That was a very informative post!

Kevin said...

I would NEVER think of surfing for porn at a public library.

Crankster said...

Don't let Mark Foley see this one.


Shadow Falcon: Ha! Now please excuse me while I go check under Rock Star's bed. :)

Barb: Yeah and my former hubby used to hide them there, too. I guess some boys never grow up!

Kevin: Likely story. ;)

Crankster: I think he prefers his Internet buddies to wear page uniforms, not hooded sweatshirts.

Mike said...

it seems that's the way our government thinks it can protect our kids. Why make the parents responsible?