Monday, December 04, 2006

Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

My older son Sneaker Dude thinks it’s absolutely horrible that I have a blog. He wants me to delete it immediately as he believes blogging is all about hooking-up with anonymous men for cyber sex-capades. Silly boy. That’s not what most blogs are about at all! If it were I wouldn’t need to carve time out from blogging to peruse online dating websites.

Sneaker Dude would have a conniption if he knew you all convinced me to actually join Republican PeopleMeet. If he knew that via the site I have exchanged emails with random men who could be rapists or ax murderers or even *gasp* Bush supporters. But - ha! - Sneaker Dude is in Virginia and what he doesn’t know he can’t spaz about.

Truth is, by and large, the guys I encountered on Republican PeopleMeet were rather ho-hum. They are big into sending canned ‘flirt’ messages saying things like ‘smile’ and ‘kiss’ and, the most common, ‘do you have a picture?’ (Yeah, I have one, but I’m sure as hell not sending it to you until I at least know your real name, buddy.) I had several email conversations going but seeing as most guys on the site seemed incapable of typing much more than yes/no answers, the exchanges kind of fizzled out. That is, all except one.

Turns out I found me a Republican who is every bit as snarky and sarcastic as I am. A Republican who is smart, witty, wordly. A Republican who can write an interesting email that makes me laugh. Who knew? Too bad that as a liberal Democrat I am, to quote, ‘the antithesis of everything he stands for.’ Figures. So much for my little budding online friendship.

Or not. I fessed up. About being a Democrat. About being a liberal. About all the other things in my online profile that were fibs. And guess what? We’re still emailing. Other than the minor detail that we disagree on just about every major issue of the day, we are totally connecting. Really! No telling where this will go, if anywhere. (He does live half way across the country, after all.) But it sure is loads of fun while it lasts. Just don’t tell Sneaker Dude.


menrva said...

That's really interesting. I doubt I could pull off a romantic relationship with a conservative...we'd probably be arguing about politics all the time. never know.

After talking to one guy who seemed interested in me at a party Friday night, I decided to ask my brother more about him. It already seemed like we had nothing in common, but I like to give things a chance. However, after finding out he was a huge military buff and Bush was NO DEAL!

Good luck with your guy.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

At this point in my life, I believe that people are more than their political views, which, when young, I thought expressed exactly who they were.

Not so.

It is only possible to learn from those who are different from us in some ways. If all our friends were rubber stamps of ourselves, what would be the point in any kind of interaction with them?

You're an adventurous spirit. Don't waste it.

austere said...

Someone who can actually converse AND hold an opinion AND defend it.. and is witty, sarcastic and intelligent enough to know when he's being teased (bet he caught on before you told him) go go go Parlancheq!

ShadowFalcon said...

I'm assuming the difference is like our labour vs conversative scum thing here so I'll pretend to understand. His politics might be wrong but things can change over time and you might like the fact he's got different opinions to you.

p.s To sneaker dude you mum is hot! (will that freak him out?)

CP said...

sometimes two people of different party affiliations make a great team. and also make for some awesome political discussion.

did i mention great make up sex?


slaghammer said...

He might be looking for lost souls to convert, beware.

Lee said...

Had coffee with Sneaker Dude the other day. He's afraid to tell you he's "Bathe with Jesus" guy.

Crankster said...

What the hell, it worked for Carville!

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