Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Apologies

Ah, my little blog buddies, I have been neglecting you and for that I am sorry. Not that it’s an excuse, but by way of explanation things have been absolutely crazy at work and home lately. Nothing bad, just too far too much routine, everyday stuff. Some of it is mildly interesting and I will dash off a post or two soon to fill you in. But first I should probably post something with sexual innuendos because you all seem to like it when I am not especially PC.

So, while I work on getting some other posts up, I have a little something for everyone. First, for those who are into such things, here's a wet pussy to stare at. And, for the rest of you, check out this guy's monumental endowment. (Whoever said white dudes were never built big was apparently wrong.)


Lee said...

oh if that kitty could just get her fangs in somebody's jugular.

Odat said...

LMAO/... Love the pics!!!!!!!!