Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Kid Has a Hole in His Head

Rock Star asked if he could get his ear pierced. I think he was surprised I said yes. I'm not a huge fan of pierced ears on guys but it's his ear, so whatever. Plus if he is ever to become a rock star for real, having some rad piercings is probably a prerequisite.

We had to scope out where around here one goes to get their ears pierced. I told him to check for places at the mall - after all that's where I got mine done (25 years ago) - but turns out that getting pierced at the earring store at the mall is so yesterday. Nowadays the place to go for all your piercing needs is the local tattoo parlor.

Rock Star found a nearby tattoo parlor on the Internet and we did a drive by to make sure it wasn't too skanky. I wasn't exactly digging the place from the outside - it was in a little strip mall, next to a Dollar Store - but Rock Star was practically in the door before I could come to my senses and dissuade him from getting his ear pierced then and there.

Fortunately the place was decent inside, just remodeled actually. Clearly the woman at the counter knew her stuff since she sported many piercings. We had to fork over our IDs (both of us) and sign a consent form. They didn't have all that formality back in my day. Good thing because I sure as hell didn't have my parents' permission.

The whole procedure took maybe two minutes, including prep time. They did it with a giant needle. Apparently piercing guns are frowned upon these days. Rock Star said it didn't hurt, though his ear looked a wee bit red afterwards.

I took before and after pictures. Rock Star said it was hokey* to take pics, but as soon as we got home, he loaded them up on his MySpace page, so guess it wasn't so hokey after all. Mom always knows best. Someday he'll learn that.

Later I found this little tidbit:

Piercing may become addictive. Psychologically, one may become addicted to the experience of obtaining a new piercing, or the response of one's peers or oneself to the consequent alteration in body image. [Wikipedia]
Uh-oh. I may have created a monster. He just better not even think of asking for this.

*Rock Star read this and said I am lying to the blogsphere because he did not, nor would he ever, use the word 'hokey.' What he remembers saying was, "You're taking pictures? What the hell?"


Pamela said...

Oh My goodness. I looked at some of the piercings on the page you linked.
Those are some mighty brave, or foolish men.

mist1 said...

I will never pierce anything again. I will also never make a foolish bet with someone again.

mist1 said...

Why did I click that link? Ewwwww.

Kirsten said...

Funny you should mention piercing. A friend of mine just got a PA done today. I asked him how it went, and he mumbled something about blood and Percocet. Pretty funny for a guy who has a huge nose ring through his septum and both nipples pierced.

ShadowFalcon said...

Thanks, that image will now be in my head all day.

When guy get thier ear's pierced all I can think about is Wham and New kids on the block.

(you needed consent forms? I got my ear done when I was 4 in a jewllery shop and no one even bat an eye).

Blondie said...

I dated many a boy in my day who had both ears pierced--or other things pierced. Now they all have little nubs in their ears where they took out the earrings and let their ears grow together. Which is odd because I rarely wear earrings, but I have 5 holes in my ears from when I was in jr. high and none of them have grown together... blabbing... sorry.

Crankster said...

Congrats to rock star. I still remember my first piercing. Actually, remember hell--I still have the hole, although I haven't used it in about a decade.

Le Renard said...

two ears and one bellybutton later, i can confirm that peircings are not all that addictive, but tattoos sure as hell are.