Thursday, January 25, 2007

Advertising Genius

How come the clever condom ads are never from the US?

Don't be Stupid - Protect Yourself


eddyquette said...

Well, here in good ole Western Europe, the Swiss do have something of a reputation for being clever-clogs, so the fact their ad campaign is rather nifty wouldn't come as too much of a surprise. They can be a wee bit annoying with their smartness, though - the Swiss know this and have made use of their image in TV ads for Ricola cough sweets, among others... (it'd take too long to explain the details). Anyway,


Mairin said...

See, this is what happens to people who spend too much time randomly surfing the web. They start blogs and post all the silly stuff they find. ;)

Starrlight said...

Because the USA was founded by Puritans and we still have a collective stick up our butts on moral issues :P

Lee said...

Very cute...and makes it's point too!

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