Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Does This Offend You? (#10)

If you're going to stare at my breasts,
you could at least donate a dollar to save them.
Susan G. Komen for the Cure t-shirt~

Because this new 'edgy t-shirt' that Susan G. Komen for the Cure (formerly Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation) plans to release next month offended some folks in the Boston area. After a local news channel invited viewers to comment on the t-shirt, negative comments such as the ones below were interspersed with praise for the t-shirt's slogan:

I have no problem with "racy" shirts but these are disrespectful to men and women alike… Not all men stare women's breasts. ~Deb

I think they are crude and rude; I would not wear one, or donate to anyone wearing one. They are in extremely poor taste, and I think could encourage sexual harassment [of] younger women. ~Dierdre

I am disgusted on multiple levels... the disease itself is being trivialized in this manner... yet another mature issue being broadcast in my pre-teen's face... ~Amy

Um, OK, folks, is it possible that you are overreacting just a tad? Don't you see and hear far more provocative things every time you turn on your television? And that's just for entertainment purposes, not for a good cause. But to address the arguments…

This shirt works precisely because most guys do like to stare at boobs. I hardly think anyone needs to worry that a t-shirt such as this will increase sexual harassment. (Don't guys prefer to ogle when there is the sort of cleavage not possible with a t-shirt, anyway?) As for the idea that kids shouldn't be exposed, I'd say that any children who are old enough to read this message on their own are probably old enough for at least a simplistic discussion of sex, so no harm done.

Also naysayers should know that no one will be forced to wear this t-shirt. Those staid little pink ribbons will still be available for those who prefer. Personally I’m sick of little colored ribbons and think the t-shirt is quite clever. So, guys, if you want to stare at my breasts, feel free. Just make your donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure first.


slaghammer said...

There’s always somebody getting pissed off at something. I think people raise hell about stuff like this to make themselves feel better about ignoring more important issues.

john h said...

not that i've ever stared at boobs, but this is a great, cool t-shirt. I'm also looking for lightning to destroy my house right now despite the lack of a cloud in the sky.

One deficit in this country beyond the financial one is the damn lack of a freakin' sense of humor.

Starrlight said...

Falls under the catagory of needing to take the stick out of the ass. Seriously people, chill out.

Nina said...

Love the shirt!

Kevin said...

I look at boobs. I like boobs. Boobs are good. I hope all you people out there have healthy ones.

I think that shirt rocks.

Mairin Verthandi said...

Hell, I look at boobs, and I'm a girl.

Lee said...

Maybe those ladies were jealous cuz no one ever stared at their boobs and donated money to a good cause because of them?

It must totally suck to go thru life with no sense of humor.

T said...

I love it - love the shirt, the intention behind it and the fact that it's funny - people need to recover their sense of humor.....

Le Renard said...

i think it's brilliant. some people just feel the need to make a stink when in actuality no one really cares what they think. (:

and i agree with slaghammer. obviously these people have to be offended to justify their poor, pathetic lives.