Saturday, January 06, 2007

I'm Probably on a Watch List

If you scroll down you'll read about my walk around Boston today. Mostly I was in South Boston but I did happen by the Financial District, where I almost took a photograph of the Federal Reserve Bank building. I couldn't get the angle right, though, so I ended up not taking the picture. Good thing, too, because as I meandered on my way I was approached by a security guard who said he 'had reports' that I was taking photographs of the building. Even though I explained that I didn't take any, he wanted to see my camera. Yikes! Apparently I look like a liar. Or a bank robber. Or worse.

I probably could have declined to show him my camera. (At least I think I could have...hard to keep track of whether or not we still have the right to stand on a public street corner and take a picture of the outside of a building or not.*) But I tend to lose my bravado in the face of heavily armed men. Plus the security guy was being nice about it...just doing his job, blah, blah, blah. So I showed him all the pictures stored on my camera. He was satisfied. I got the hell out of there before he could change his mind about it. Though I still half expect the feds to bust through my door at any second.

This is my picture of the buildings across the street from the Federal Reserve Bank. If you want to see the bank building itself, you'll have to go here. (Note to the authorities: I did NOT take the picture at this link.)

*There are no signs visible around the Federal Reserve Bank building suggesting that photographing the building is not allowed. Interestingly, I did see such signs recently on the George Washington Bridge that connects New York City and New Jersey. Why, why, why, why? Presumably to increase security, though it's false security if you ask me, seeing as how it is pretty damn easily for people to take pictures on the sly if they are so inclined.


Michael C said...

I guess I better cancel my trip to Mt. Rushmore. They wouldn't want me taking delicate intelligence photos of carved rock!!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

All these so-called security measures are desperate attempts to show how hard our government is trying to keep us safe from another 9-11. As you said, they cannot possibly be effective.

"If I only had a brain" keeps running through my head. We live in Oz.

Aisby said...

They're photographs of architecture...not surveillance tapes.