Monday, January 22, 2007

Pro-Choice Today and Always

Especially since our reproductive rights seem to be increasingly at risk, a deeply moving pro-choice post is required today, the 34th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade decision that confirmed the right of a woman in the US to control her own uterus. Yet I know whatever I write will not be as sincere and heartfelt and right on the money as a post I read on another blog a few months ago. So...please, whatever your feelings on abortion, click here to read that post by the Certifiable Princess. As usual, she says all the right things.

Meanwhile, there was an interesting tidbit in the news recently (Links:
1, 2, 3) about an 8th grade student at Gowana Middle School in Clifton Park, New York (referred to only as M.G.) who had to go so far as to sue his principal in order to get permission to wear a t-shirt and distribute fliers at school that voiced his opinion on the abortion issue. When he had tried to do so prior to the lawsuit, his (female) principal reportedly told him, "Students shouldn’t be thinking about issues like that at your age."

Puh-lease! If anything, middle-school students should be encouraged to think about controversial issues. How else are they going to hone the ability to carefully consider both sides of a difficult issue and reach an informed decision? As for the fear that abortion is too risqué a topic for middle schoolers, when you consider that most girls that age are old enough to get pregnant there is no reason why they should be deemed too young to discuss reproductive topics.

I applaud M.G. for standing up for the right to free speech at his young age. (Admittedly, his parents may have pushed the issue, but for the purposes of my story I am going to assume that M.G. is a budding activist who firmly believes in free speech.) It is unfortunate that he had to go so far as to file a lawsuit just for the chance to speak his mind at school. He did win, though, and was granted permission to wear his t-shirt and distribute fliers at school for one day on or around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Now the only problem is that he is a little pro-lifer and his message is exactly the opposite of my pro-choice stance. Crap!


ShadowFalcon said...

Surely its better that kids start thinking about complicated issues unless you want naive kids...

abbagirl74 said...

I live in Wichita where Dr. George Tiller "does business". As you may know, he is only one of few who does late term abortions. Needless to say, the streets were packed with both sides.

john h said...

great surprise ending, P!