Monday, January 22, 2007

Sex in the City

The International Union of Sex Workers has compiled a list of reasons why prostitution is beneficial to society, including:

  • Prostitutes provide fun
  • Prostitutes provide orgasms
  • Prostitutes offer high quality sex
  • Prostitutes can teach clueless men about sex
  • Prostitution is the oldest profession and should be respected
  • Prostitution provides a better alternative to starving or stealing
True enough, but this was the one that really made the case for me. Human rights are important!
  • Prostitutes can relieve those who cannot masturbate --- People with weak, short or no arms may live in perpetual sexual frustration unless they have a toe that reaches, somebody who will help them out or the money to pay a prostitute. Denying them the opportunity to pay for what other people take for granted is denying them absolute human rights.

As you can see, this guy has rather short arms.

Flesh Life: Sex in Mexico City (Links 1, 2)
Photographs by Joseph Rodriguez

1 comment:

Lee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I am scared of people with short or no arms, so I guess I won't become a prostitute.