Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dating is a Bitch

I have a date tomorrow! I think. Unless he backs out. Or I chicken out. Assuming this momentous event comes to pass, it will be my first date in years. It’s not quite as pathetic as it sounds. I’ve been busy. Blogging and stuff.

Don’t tell Sneaker Dude, but I met the guy online. On Craigslist. Casual encounters, no less! Very skanky, I know. I was perusing solely for entertainment purposes. His ad caught my eye. Maybe because it was one of the few without a dick pic? Or maybe because he sounded sincere, rather than full-of-himself? Since it’s anonymous I responded. He emailed back. Emails morphed to phone conversations. Photos were exchanged. I’m not really his type. He’s not really mine. But we seemed to click nevertheless. Thus the date invite.

Now my biggest dilemma is what to wear. He totally digs chicks in skirts and stockings. It’s one of his biggest turn-ons. He told me so. Crap! I almost never wear skirts and stockings. I told him so. He said fine. That what I wore was not important. That I shouldn’t not be me just because he fessed up to a near-fetish for stockings.
I bought stockings today. Slinky black ones. I’m so screwed. With any luck, that is.


abbagirl74 said...

No worries. You are going to rock those stockings. Have a wonderful time.

scalpel said...

Good luck!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Good luck! The guy is lucky to be going out with you.

Have fun, and please tell us everything.