Thursday, February 08, 2007

Isn't Salsa a Spanish Word?

While watching TV coverage of a pro-illegal immigration rally, we realized the salsa we had been consuming was at odds with our values...we learned that most salsa was made outside the United State by companies that...contribute to flood of illegal immigration by employing foreign workers and using foreign produce. ~Minuteman Salsa website~

How do companies that make salsa outside of the US using foreign produce contribute to illegal immigration? It's because those sneaky Mexicans try to slip over the border just to get their hands on some of our tasty Americanized salsa, isn't it?


Irene said...

I think salsa's delicious, no matter where it was made. =)

Lee said...

Holy crap...I can't beleive that's real.

I was skeptical until I saw that this salsa is both made in Texas AND "we don’t think any of the ingredients are organic".