Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things with Wings

Seeing as how I hate to fly, I rarely have any reason to go to Boston's Logan Airport. I had to go there this week, though, to take Sneaker Dude to catch his flight back to Virginia. (I am the only one in the family afflicted with airplane phobia.) In the year or so since I was last called into duty to fetch or drop someone off at the airport they've gone and changed the whole parking configuration. Screwed me up entirely and I had to loop around the damn airport three times before I found my way to Central Parking.

By then we were running late so I was going to grab the first spot I saw, right on the first floor of the parking garage, but the signage seemed to indicate that the level was reserved for terrorists. Or maybe the signs featuring the gun-toting guy were a nod to Boston’s colonial heritage? Guess so since the buttons in the elevator mentioned a Minuteman level (presumably the real kind, not the pseudo kind) and other levels had similarly cutesy names like Swan Boats and Hatch Shell. Apparently Boston is too sophisticated to use numbers to designate floors like the rest of the world.

And also so classy that folks can’t bear to listen to the mechanical din of the airport and need nature sounds piped in. There were bird chirping noises by the elevator that seemed so weird and out of place that I had to Google it when I got home to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind and hearing things. Details were hard to come by (there is surprisingly no mention on the airport’s website), but seems the bird noises are part of an installation by an acoustic architect. (Yeah, I’d never heard of such a thing either.) There are supposedly other noises as well, though all I noticed were the birds. Guess I’ll have to wait for Sneaker Dude’s next visit to be soothed by ocean waves and crickets.

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Kirsten said...

Was Central Parking easy to find before they changed things around? I mean, between kamikaze taxi drivers and dozens of busses everywhere, it's hard to find anything on the airport loop road.

I much prefer McCarran International Airport here in Vegas - short term parking is available on the Excalibur level and the natural, non-piped in sound of slot machines is everywhere.