Sunday, March 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Anderson, a little town in Alaska's interior, has no gas station, no grocery store and no traffic lights, but it does have plenty of woodsy land -- and it's free to anyone willing to put down roots in the often-frozen ground. In a modern twist on the homesteading movement that populated the Plains in the 1800s, the community of 300 people is offering 26 large lots on spruce-covered land in a part of Alaska that has spectacular views of the Northern lights and Mount McKinley, North America's highest peak. (CNN, March 16, 2007)

(Photo credit: City of Anderson, AK website)

Let me tell you, I was sooo tempted by this. At least until I found out that the nearest Starbucks is a 75 mile drive away. Forget that! But kudos to the high school students in Anderson (where the entire high school student body numbers just 16) who dreamt up the land give-away idea. Very creative.

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Karen said...

I was listening...and I almost bought a ticket to Fairbanks to check it out. Would love to hear from anyone who actually went there or sent in their application and follows through on getting their free land. Even if I only went for an adventure and to see what kind of other people thought this could be an interesting adventure it would have been worth it. I was . . that close to buying a ticket, getting my $500 cashiers check, and renting a car for the drive to Anderson, but then I read the weather and it is only about 15 degrees there right now...I was dreaming hot and sunny for spring break!