Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Smell of Sex

Wearing scents laced with sexual pheromones supposedly sends little chemical messages to others so they will find you totally hot and want to have wild and passionate sex with you. The key is to use a pheromone tailored to your individual tastes in a sex partner, so you will attract the mate of your dreams. For example, to attract buff Guys like the one pictured below, you should use the G formula. For big-boobed, luscious Ladies, the L formula is required.

More details from the Pheromore website:

'Pheromore-G was developed exclusively for the gay male community. Scientists at Human Pheromone Science Institute in Fremont, CA [Is this even a real place?] have discovered the proper chemical mixture of pheromones that cause same-sex attraction between men.'

'Pheromore-L was originally designed as a man's formula, but in our research we have found that lesbians who describe themselves as more butch have had success with this combination. This lab tested [On lesbian rabbits?] combo is highly effective!'

And if you're like this man, perhaps the D formula would be your best bet.


Meloncutter said...

Please..... tell me more about the big boobed luscious ladies and deer scent. For a redneck, seeing both of these in the same article is the hottest thing to come along since adding hot sauce to pork rinds.

Talk to me now... This is good stuff.

Later Y'all

Blondie said...

I am going to make a mixture of all of these and take a bath in it just to see what happens. :)

eula_w said...

That is how do pheromones work and I LOVE the way they smells on me. :)