Thursday, March 22, 2007

White Slavery

This past September, Mark and Cynthia Pollard, of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, graciously allowed teenager Emily Nicely to move in with them and their three teenaged children so Emily could finish her last year of high school at Greensburg Salem High School, after her own family moved away from the school district. But then they didn't treat their house guest too nicely.

Shortly after Nicely began staying with the Pollards, they became physically abusive, forced her to do work, and never let her leave the home unless she was accompanied by at least one of them, Nicely told police.

"On numerous occasions, the Pollard family would punch the victim with a closed fist, kick, and strike the victim with any of several objects including boots, broom handles, a metal pipe, wooden door slats, belts, boards, and other objects," police said in an affidavit. "The Pollard family referred to her as their 'slave."' [Associated Press, reported various places including AOL News, CNN, Boston Globe.]
So far no word from the Pollards on their motives, but the family's home is described as being in a dingy alley, covered with dirt and having a broken front door - basically a dump - so probably hiring paid domestic help was out of the question. AOL News also reports this informative tidbit, which seems to be missing from the stories on several other news sites:
Mark Pollard is black. Cynthia Pollard and Nicely are white. [AOL News]
Oh, OK, that explains everything. No, wait, actually it doesn't. What the hell does being black or white have to do with keeping someone as a slave? In 2007, I mean.

Emily Nicely
The 'slave masters'

Photo credit: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Stories 1, 2)

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heartinsanfrancisco said...

Gruesome. What were her parents thinking when they allowed her to stay with those people in their dump?

So much mental illness in the world, often passing as hospitality and kindness.

I hope they never get out of jail.