Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wicked Pissah!

This week's Boston Phoenix includes an except from Steven Flynn's book, The Edge of Disaster, about a fictitious, but not-too-far-removed-from-the-realm-of-possibility, terrorist hit on a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) tanker in Boston harbor. Scary, but I feel so much better knowing that if such a scenario played out I would be spared from the paying the $6+ per gallon gasoline prices that would likely result, seeing as how I would be burned to a crisp in the initial blast. All of you in the rest of the country won't be so lucky, so you'd better enjoy your gas-guzzling SUVs while you can.

The expense involved in making our catastrophic terrorism targets less attractive is far from overwhelming, especially when measured against the $250 million the US has been spending every day since the spring of 2003 on the war in Iraq. The LNG facility outside Boston would be considerably safer in a remote location near the harbor's entrance or farther offshore, which would mean tankers wouldn't need to transit so close to a densely populated area. (Stephen Flynn, Boston Phoenix, March 9-15, 2007)

Like, duh!

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