Friday, April 20, 2007

And God Said, "Let There Be Video"

Holy Bible Belt! The YouTube phenomenon has spawned GodTube, a video site devoid of 'offensive' (depending on your point of view) content and committed to spreading the word of the Lord (as defined by some Christians).

"GodTube utilizes Web based technology to connect Christians for the purpose of encouraging and advancing the Gospel worldwide."
~GodTube Mission Statement~

"You agree not to submit or post any User Submission to the Site...that is contrary to the evangelization of Jesus Christ and His teachings, or constitutes blasphemy, or is otherwise offensive to our online Christian community..."
GodTube Terms of Use~

I was dubious at first, but this video is a great example of the divine power of GodTube. No doubt it has converted many an atheist in to a believer.

But who at GodTube do I contact to discuss my concern regarding this guy's seeming over familiarity with handling a 'banana'?

Other 'non-offensive' GodTube gems here.

Meanwhile, God-fearing Christians are duking it out over the stupidity of GodTube: Give us this day not GodTube crap...but deliver us from evil porn. The anti GodTube video is also cross-posted at YouTube because GodTube apparently censored it at one point. Censor those whose views are different from one's own? Hmm, isn't that contrary to the teachings of Jesus?


Blondie said...

Nothing will surprise me ever again.

Peg said...

Oh, I saw this recently! Funniest thing is...the argument that for bananas were made specifically for humans can equally be used to support the concept of evolution. See how our hands developed so similarly to the ape?

There's another, "Athiest Nightmare" video about Peanut Butter. They argue that the properties of matter as dictated by science, and in the context of considering the 'big bang', evolution & laws of physics, are debunked by the fact that each time you open a new jar of peanut butter, no 'new life' has been created out the peanut butter jar or it's contents prior to being unsealed by an unsuspecting heathen...I'm not describing it well...Just watch it!!

Le Renard said...

Have you seen "Jesus Camp"? It takes place about 30 minutes south of where I live.

And yes, that man is a little fresh with that poor, unsuspecting banana.