Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunburned Buns

Reason #2 to never wear a thong bikini...

Reason #1 is my big, fat ass.

This week's word was sun.
Take your buns
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Michael C said...

Ouch! One's skin should never be the color of cooked crabs, lobster or other shellfish. I swear I think I read that in a medical journal.

Meloncutter said...

It looks kind of the same shade of firedup holy crap it's sore red that my head has after spending time in the sun yesterday.

I shudda wore a hat.

Later Y'all

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Oh, poor you. It must be hard to eat standing up. Do you have some aloe gel to put on it? It will cool it and also speed up healing.

Melissa said...

Oww, ow!

Your buns look great, but I'm seeing the #1 reason to use sunscreen and reapply frequently. Fingers crossed you have no peeling.

(pointed here from Isabella Snow - I like your blog!)

Lee said... that really yer a$$?

Parlancheq said...

True confessions. That was not my ass. My ass is much nicer. (In my dreams, anyway.) ;)