Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wonderful Day in the Gayborhood

Today Philadelphia's mayor (among others) attended a small ceremony to officially designate an area of the city as gay-friendly. Long known as the Gayborhood, the area will now be delineated with rainbow signs.

This is both refreshing and disturbing. Refreshing because by officially recognizing a gay-friendly neighborhood the city is, in essence, saying it's OK to be gay. Disturbing because designating a neighborhood as gay-friendly reminds us that far too many other neighborhoods across the country are gay-unfriendly.

As an aside, my mother used to live in Philadelphia...right in the middle of the Gayborhood! It is a great little neighborhood with cool old row houses (nice pic of my mom's old street here), funky art galleries, antique shops and (best of all) some nice indie coffee houses. The gays have all the fun, let me tell you.

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